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What's going on with the White City Vultures!

Meadhurst Social Club, Sunbury

Friday 15th May 2020

Come and see us at the Meadhurst Social Club in Sunbury. We're in for the night and playing all yer favourites (and ours too!)

Water Rats, Gray's Inn Road

Friday 3rd April 2020

White City Vultures are playing the Water Rats again, but this time we are playing support to SLADY - the only female Slade Tribute band!!!... 



It will be another great rocking night !!! So, Cum On Feel The Noize with us

Fiddler's Elbow, Camden

Thursday 6th February 2020

Dublin Castle

A great pre-Christmas blast was had by all.

We closed the night with a Riot of Rock n Roll!!



Thursday 19th December 2019


Thursday 17th October 2019

Rock Band

A rocking night playing at the Fiddler's Elbow in Camden. If you missed it, you missed it!!

White City Vultures got to play as their ALter Egos - Force Majeure and played at Under the Bridge

Chelsea FC - Construction Rocks


On Stage

Various songs and clips from The White City Vultures' epic stage sets




Whiskey in the Jar


Gimme Shelter


Don't Believe a Word


Fight for your Right


Fortunate Son


20th Century Boy

About us

Who are the White City Vultures?

A band that started off as The Macenaries in 2014, and has developed and blossomed over the years to become the…..

White City Vultures

This “beautiful journey” has only been possible through the usual acrimonious spats, fallings out, moving jobs, sackings, musical differences, clothing differences, age differences, disagreement on what differences actually exist, disagreement on the use of the words “beautiful journey”, and finally, occasional rehearsals.

The years have not only made the band stronger, but also older, greyer, and wrinklier…


…. like all great Rock Bands should be!

Let’s Rock!

Audience Sitting During a Concert
Audience Sitting During a Concert
Concert Live Audience
Concert Live Audience
A Boot on Stage
A Boot on Stage
Music Festival
Music Festival
Rock Stage
Rock Stage


The White City Vultures do this for fun.