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What's going on with the White City Vultures!

Construction Rocks 2019
Under The Bridge, Stamford Bridge

17th October 2019

Following our fantastic showing at Construction Rocks last year and closing the show to a riot of Rock, we are back up again this year. 
The venue has moved from Scala at Kings Cross, where it has been for the last 4 years, to Under The Bridge at Chelsea's ground.
We are playing under the moniker of Force Majeure again, cos it fits in with the construction theme of the show.

Dublin Castle, Camden

19th December 2019

White City Vultures are playing the Dublin Castle in Camden again just before Christmas! This time we are headlining !!

We will be supported by The Prods, and The Reformers.


It will be another great rocking night !!!

Water Rats

4th July 2019

The "Dependance Day" gig at the Water Rats went down well with everyone who attended.
We had a great time, rocked the house and left everyone's ears ringing!

St Moritz Bar has played host to many famous bands over the years, and has now managed to get a gig from us too.
Its a small stage and the 5 of us just about managed to squeeze on.
Great gig!

Dublin Castle, Camden

White City Vultures had a great time playing support for the fantastic Paradise Alley and also Scandinavian rockers Diamond Dogs.

A great crowd were there and thanks to the sound man - Fuzz!

26th September 2019

1st March 2019


On Stage

Various songs and clips from The White City Vultures' epic stage sets


St Moritz Bar, Soho


Whiskey in the Jar

Gimme Shelter

Don't Believe a Word

Fight for your Right

Fortunate Son

20th Century Boy

About us

Who are the White City Vultures?

A band that started off as The Macenaries in 2014, and has developed and blossomed over the years to become the…..

White City Vultures

This “beautiful journey” has only been possible through the usual acrimonious spats, fallings out, moving jobs, sackings, musical differences, clothing differences, age differences, disagreement on what differences actually exist, disagreement on the use of the words “beautiful journey”, and finally, occasional rehearsals.

The years have not only made the band stronger, but also older, greyer, and wrinklier…


…. like all great Rock Bands should be!

Let’s Rock!



The White City Vultures do this for fun.

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